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In September, the team was awarded a grant via the 2023 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) for a project entitled “Washington State and the Netherlands: Accelerating Innovative Technology Adoption Through Orchard of the Future Collaboration“ . The three year project is led by Ines Hanrahan of the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission.  This project is geared towards helping international cooperators learn from one another about past/existing research projects related to new technologies and to collaborate to develop and conduct new projects together. We already started to produce a video series on data analysis for the tree fruit industry. In the spring of 2024 a delegation from WA will visit the Netherlands, just one of several trips planned between now and 2026. Next we will develop a plan to demonstrate innovative technologies and solutions to Washington tree fruit producers, create outreach materials, including online resources and printed materials for distributing at industry events, and translate resources from English to Dutch and Dutch to English as needed.