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The Orchard of the Future collaboration is led by a team of 8 enthusiastic professionals from different organizations on both sides of the ocean: Ines Hanrahan, Joe Davidson, Julia Terlinchamp, Julie Anderson, Peter Frans de Jong, Caroline Feitel, Karin Louzada and Joke Vroegop. In each newsletter we put two of them in the spotlights. Today you learn more about Julia Terlinchamp and Peter Frans de Jong.

Julia Terlinchamp joined the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) as Special Assistant to the Director in 2022, she is based in Seattle and is focused on supporting stakeholders in Western Washington. Julia brings a diverse set of skills and knowledge to support the work of the Orchard of the Future’s partnership, specifically in the area of policy and external affairs. Julia’s passion lies within the ag tech community, and helping promote the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, drones, genetic editing and other innovative approaches to advance the agricultural sector in Washington State. Applying a pioneering spirit and innovative approach to current agricultural research and development is essential to ensure the viability of the state’s agricultural sector. Prior to WSDA, Julia most recently worked at the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, serving as the Governor’s Life Science Sector Lead.

Peter-Frans de Jong has been working as a scientist at the Wageningen University & Research Centre for over 20 years. His focus is on applied research for fruit growers on the subject of precision technology. His drive is to manage fruit at a tree level to optimize the tree’s potential and therefore to maximize the profit for the grower. To make that possible, he is working on topics to get data on a tree level with sensors and cameras (for soil and above soil) in combination with algorithms for detection (of blossom, fruits and pest & diseases), and to develop machines that can operate at a tree level, like precision sprayers and robotics. He oversees the project The Next Fruit 4.0 which is the first project within the collaboration within Orchard of the Future. His role within the management team is to connect scientists from both sides of the ocean and to establish a student exchange program.