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International cooperation

Consumer preferences and regulatory requirements are trending towards a greater focus on sustainability, environmental stewardship and food safety in the tree fruit sector. In addition, the declining availability of workforce and the impact on yields due to climate change in production regions throughout the world, have intensified the need for international collaborations. Research collaboration can take the form of knowledge exchange events such as thematic workshops and road mapping, cosponsored research funding, joint applications for grants, data exchange, and visiting researcher appointments. Building long term relationships and an international community of researchers is invaluable in this regard.

Working together

The Netherlands and Washington State tree fruit sectors face similar challenges and share the same objectives of achieving sustainable production and supply chains, maximizing fruit yields, reducing food loss, and minimizing the cost of production. By creating a collaborative platform between knowledge and research institutes, technology companies and government agencies, this international cluster will serve as a springboard for translating R&D from research to piloting and commercialization. We welcome participation from all interested parties.

Together we are creating a future proof orchard industry.